Let’s Get Started!

Well, this is a new experience for me and hopefully I won’t scare people away with my inexpertise. Hopefully as with most things in life, the more I do it, the better I’ll get. If you have read my profile you know who I am and why I started this blog. For those of you haven’t, I have five children. My second to youngest was diagnosed with ADHD and mood disorder shortly after starting first grade. He had had significant health issues early on being diagnosed with asthma before the age of one. Sometimes it felt like we were on a rollercoaster ride(still does at times, lol) and we went from specialist to specialist. Turned to mental health providers and finally had him medicated. The initial medication was a low dose of Risperdal. This is a mood stabilizer and one of the key components is an antihistamine. There was slight improvement but he bacame sad. I couldn’t do that to my baby. So they tried ADHD meds. Oh, I should probably mention his mysterious leg pain. It started at age 3 when he went to bed at first. He would scream and say his legs were burning. Noone could find a reason for this. Pediatrician, developmental ped, pediatric neurologist. So, does it come down to those mysterious growing pains???? Well they tried Focalin which increased this leg pain. Took him off that, now the med cycle begins. After two hospitalizations and still stuck, I decided enough of this. I started to reseacrh food and behavior. I found orthomolecular medicine webistes which you can find links too here. In the one article it mentioned brain allergies, well I thought, hmm. Isn’t that interesting. After my son was hospitalized yet again and he was worse when I got him home, I said enough. I scheduled him to get allergy testing done. Within three weeks we found out that my now 8 yr, old (from 3-8 years) had food allergies. Not very significant but enough that they could be causing all his symptoms. His main food allergies were to cows milk and soy. Well, wait a second. I started doing more research as well as changing his diet to eliminate milk and soy. I found right on this website http://www.centerforfoodallergies.com/milk_allergies.htm that one of the milk allergy symptoms is ADD/ADHD. Changing your diet can seem daunting especially when you are looking to eliminate possible suspect foods. I will try to keep people updated with information I have found useful in incorporating these changes into our lifestyle. Also, I am currently going to school to get a degree in nutrition so as better to be able to help my family and possibly help some people who have struggled as we have. Browse through the links to other blogs and websites which I found useful. Maybe you don’t fit specifically in this category but maybe something else will help you. Embrace life and remember you are not alone in your journey! Please share your stories! It may help someone else!


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