Well, spring sprang and with it so did the pollen count.  We went from doing really well this year with a mishap or two and strep throat around Halloween to a 2 and 1/2 hour school day because afternoons have turned into a fall apart time of the day.  The pollen count is usually highest starting around 1pm.  It can be really frustrating when it seems all of your efforts and progress have just fallen apart.  I guess it’s because when things go bad, they go so bad people forget that we made it through almost a whole school year, off of meds, without any significant challenges until now! 

Perhaps you are wondering why I brought up the pollen count.  Well, a majority of what I am thinking about my sons behavioral issues stem from his allergies.  We all know that when you don’t feel good, you can be very irritable.  We have a kid here who has class III allergies to trees found in our area and also to molds(we live near a river).  For those that are unfamiliar with allergy classification we go from o not allergic to highly allergic at class 6.  His worst allergy result was to a specific dust mite at a class IV.  It can be very frustrating when you suspect something and there is tons of literature on the subject but still people doubt you. Our latest testing was done with the hopes of starting sublingual drops to help desensitize his system making it easier for him to make it through the day.  I have a child who has been diagnosed with ADHD with mood disorder otherwise unspecified but was also told by our  pediatric neurologist that he didn’t meet the criteria for any ONE specific disorder, etc.  Sometimes it seems like we are dealing with BiPolar with rapid cycling because his mood swings are so quick.  Sometimes I wonder about schizophrenia(which some studies are showing there is a link between schizophrenia symptoms and celiac disease).


I guess I can understand where the school is coming from with such a dramatic change in behaviors and mood but there are also times I would like to expect a little understanding.  The new plan is to look over the summer for a social-emotional classroom which will enable him to learn and take into consideration his mood swings.  Of course the suggestion was also made to have him go into a home for troubled youth for a 30 day evaluation.  This was recommended as a “with our family’s best interests” intention.  My child is 10 years old and maybe he is not perfect but I have seen far worse.  I have lived with these mood swings for at least 7 out of those 10 years and dealt with sleepless WEEKS prior to them due to his many health issues.  While the thought of a respite is nice, I wonder about the at what expense part. 

I have read about parents with autistic children who continuously must fight the newborn sleep deprivation battle with their children at advanced ages.  I genuinely feel for these parents and families as I know how difficult taking care of your family and other obligations can be when you don’t sleep enough.  It is hard to be a good judge of what is necessary unless you have lived through it yourself.  I realize sometimes others outside of our situation can see things we cannot but at the same time, no-one lives inside your head and heart besides yourself.


I guess the purpose of this particular post is to help me sort some things out in my head and release a little of my frustration.  There are many hardships we will face in this life and hopefully we can meet them head-on and come out with few scars and knowing it was all worth it!

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