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Emotions often run high when you are raising a child with special needs.  Parenting of neuro-typical children can seem like a rollercoaster ride(I have four) so adding the special needs child into that mix makes it seem as if you’re on that rollercoaster that turns upside down without the over the shoulder restraints.  Stress levels often run high and everyone can be affected.  Sometimes, I begin to feel like I can’t do it anymore.  Thisis a horrible reality.  I love all my children and sometimes I feel as if I am sacrificing some important element of my other childrens lives because so much of my time is taken in trying to find the exact right solution to what ails one of them.  Is ailment an accurate descriptor? 


Sometimes it is to easy to fall into the trap of feeling guilt.  I often think, ” If this is so hard on us, I can’t even imagine how hard it is on him!”  Imagine for a child who has uncontrollable outbursts of anger(or just emotion) which could turn violent and it’s become an expected response.  You become preconditioned and a cycle ensues.  Patterns of behavior which can be destuctive on both ends become the norm.  The best thing to do in this instance, is to to at first recognize the pattern.  Then examine your roll in the pattern.  Once you discern your part, you can eventually begin to redirect yourself.  ” We do the best we know how to do and when we learn better we do better!”  One of my favorite quotes.