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Limited Time Offer Gluten-Free Products!

Here is an offer for six gluten-free mixes for only $29!  Anyone living gluten free knows how expensive it can get.  I hope you are able to take advantage of these savings!



Your Doctor and You


I would say I have a fairly good relationship with my doctor and the kids’ pediatrician. I know I have written before how frustrated I was and how my husband and I came up with the answers about the allergies ourselves, but I take into consideration that our doctors are human beings too. They see tons of people and sometimes it is possible for them to miss something which does not appear obvious. I also think that when you go to school and you learn things by the textbook, it can be difficult to take into consideration that while most diseases, conditions, etc. have specific symptoms that have been put into a book for doctors to be guided by, BUT, not EVERYONE has those exact symptoms. The best experience I have had, was we took Josh to see a pediatric endocrinologist since he had elevated T3 and T4 levels on blood work a few times. See, most thyroid conditions are determined by TSH (thyroid regulating hormone) being off either elevated or lowered. Josh’s TSH levels were right where they should be so, no thyroid condition was detected. I asked if it was possible, due to an overconsumption of foods he was allergic to(this is when we first found out about his allergies and it was right after Halloween, so you can imagine what he had consumed) could possibly cause his thyroid to react. She said, “Well, textbook, NO! But, in actuality, anything is possible!” AHA!!


This goes a little off the beaten track but seems to fit with my journey of discovery.  I had to take a Social Psychology class for my Nutrition program.  Have you ever felt that sometimes when you focus on something, everything in your universe begins to apply to the source of that focus?  It seems like somehow it got placed in your path so you would find it.  This class was one of the best I have ever taken and the professor, Dr. John Foldy, really intrigued his students.  He has done studies in how the mind (our thoughts) can actually influence objects, etc.  I don’t know how many of you out there have read any of Dan Brown’s books?!  In The Lost Symbol, Dan mentions a scientist working on a branch of study that will be groundbreaking and possibly change the world.  The scientist is in the image of Marilyn Schlitz, who happens to be the Director for the Institute of Noetic science.  Noetic Science focuses on consciousness.

I guess my point in all of this, is that since I decided to take an active stance in finding the solution rather than relying on my preconceived notions or what I was being told by my Doctors, I have continually had  information placed before me which fits into what I am trying to discover.  I have been drawn to others who are adequately prepared to give me the information I need to fill in the blanks.  Consider this, one of my best friends whom works in the medical field lost her job at a neurology practice due to downsizing.  She found another job almost immediately with an ophthalmologist office and then soon after received a call from an ENT and Allergy practice offering her more money and better benefits.  She opted to take that position.  Soon after she began there as a medical assistant who is responsible for scheduling appointments and I found references to Orthomolecular Medicine and the suggestion of brain allergies, etc.  After a second hospitalization for mental crises, we immediately got Josh an appointment with the practice she works for and discovered he does indeed have allergies which could be responsible for his symptoms.  By adopting this attitude I have started to focus on the solution rather than the problem. (My favorite author is Terry Goodkind, this is a reference to him)

Functional Medicine

In My Take on Nutrition-Based Therapy, I mention how it seems that Doctors would prefer to prescribe medication rather than find the source of the symptoms.  Well, after posting that I found information about Functional Medicine and Doctors who share my belief.  Holy Cow!  There is that entanglement thing again.  Another blogger posted about Dr. Mark Hyman who is a functional doctor working out of Massachusetts and then Peter Osborne, The Gluten Free Warrior, posted about Dr. Russell Jaffe this morning.  Essentially Dr. Jaffe is talking about how allergies affect our bodies and how conventional testing can miss certain allergies due to the immune system having a lag in responding to certain allergens.  Essentially it could take up to two weeks for your immune system to respond to certain allergens. 

His ideology: “We are and we become what we eat, drink, think and do.”



Life with Allergies

Food Sources

It can be very frustrating going to the grocery store to buy groceries when you have multiple food allergies, and expensive.  We have one with milk, soy and fish; one with peanut and fish; and another with wheat, egg whites, and fish.  The fish is the only commonality.  My two girls so far have not been diagnosed with any food allergies, only environmental so that makes it a little easier I guess.

When you live on a budget it can be really difficult to buy a weeks worth of groceries when you are avoiding ingredients that are in ALMOST EVERYTHING!  For those of you out there who have kids with allergies, you know what I mean.  Every little ingredient has to be checked so you don’t end up with some hidden source.

Of course, living on a diet of whole foods would seem to eliminate the necessity, right?  Sometimes, I say thank God for Aldi’s since I can usually get fruits and veggies there for much cheaper than in the regular grocery stores.  Did you know that you have to be careful of meats containing hidden gluten, etc.?  I have had a difficult time finding employees who know what types of meats they have in the meat department, or in the Deli.  Not that deli meats are recommended for children with ADHD, etc. due to the nitrates, nitrites, etc. in them.  Buying whole foods (fresh fruits, vegetables, etc) can also be more costly when you are feeding a large family than those processed foods that are quick and easy to grab.

When looking at non-whole foods, the only bread I can buy that my little man can have is a brand that costs over $4 for a small loaf but it is the most natural I have found with only the basic ingredients.  We are not entirely gluten free but we still try to avoid it as much as possible and true 100% wheat bread has less gluten in it than breads with regular wheat(white)flour.  Of course I have tried to make my own bread.  I have had a few successful loaves, but I am not a good bread baker apparently. lol!  I can bake a mean cake from scratch.  Gluten, dairy, soy free chocolate chip cookies too!  Bread, not good!

Non-Food Sources

Well, it seems to make a lot of sense that when you are dealing with food allergies you would check all the ingredients in your foods, but what about other products you use ON your body?  For instance, my four-year old daughter was giving me a “salon experience” which involved a pedicure.  Mostly lotion, lots of it, rubbed on my feet.  Well, she put so much lotion on my lower leg that I took some off and used it on my arms and still had too much left over.  So, my son was sitting close by, so I asked if I could put some of the lotion on him.  It was Vaseline Total Moisture lotion.  Within five minutes he was breaking out and itchy.  I immediately got him in the shower and looked at the ingredients, the seventh ingredient is soybean sterol.  The ninth ingredient is soybean oil.  Well, I guess that explains it!  I never would have thought to look for that and I should have.

I have read articles talking about hidden sources.  One of the most mentioned non-food sources I have found outside of medicines (which are ingested) is chap stick.  Even multi-vitamins can be a source of hidden allergens or even preservatives and food colorings.  We do l’il-critters Gummy Vites.  They are pretty allergy friendly.  The omega-3’s do have soy in them though.   Along these lines, my four-year old got a Tinkerbell bath and lotion kit for Christmas and I checked the ingredients and found it contained FD&C red 40 among other colorings.  I am not sure, but I would think it would be reasonable to suspect that since a lotion goes on your skin that it would be absorbed into your cells and possibly cause adverse reactions for those that are sensitive to food colorings.

Things to look for

Here are some ingredients found in products that can be hazardous to our health:

Benzalkonium chloride, cetrimonium chloride and lauryl dimonium hydrolysed collagen  Found in hair  treatment products.  Both are toxic and allergenic.

Aspartame   Genetically Modified, synthetic sugar substitute. People report dizziness, headaches and even seizures. Scientists believe it can alter behavior due to altered brain function. Long term effects of this genetically modified organism on human health has not been studied or tested. Found as a sweetener in foods and some body products, such as shaving gel

Benzoic / Benzyl / Benzene   Contains carcinogens, endocrine disruptor, may cause birth defects. Found in shower gels, shampoos, bubble bath.

Coal Tar Dyes – (includes D&C Blue 1, Green 3, Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Red 33, etc.)   Even though their carcinogenicity has recently been proven, the 1938 Act includes a specific exemption for them. Severe allergic reactions, asthma attacks, headaches, nausea, fatigue, lack of concentration, nervousness, increased risk of Hodgkin’s disease, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and multiple myeloma. Found in bubble bath, hair dye, dandruff shampoo, toothpaste and foods

For a more complete list you can go here:  Purezing

If you think you have been missing possible hidden sources for your childs food allergens I found this great website which has lists of uncommon names of common foods used on packaging.  It has been helpful for me and I hope it can be helpful to others as well:  CommonFoodAllergens 

Enjoy Life and never give up hope!

Gluten Sensitivity vs. Celiac Disease!

Peter Osborne posted another good link to an article on Gluten Free Society website which you can read here:

This article talks about recent research being conducted to help shed some light on how similar gluten sensitivity is to celiac disease.  Many believe that sensitivities are not as bad as true allergies or in the case of gluten, true disease.  I copied this diagram from the above article to show the viscious cycle some may face when consuming gluten. 

Recently I checked out a fellow wordpress blog from PaleoWorks  which talks about diet.  I also want to mention AVentography blog which is wonderful for those looking for information about Autism.  You should check out their blogs, they have some really good information. I have also read many articles recently which have talked about the evolution of , well, us, and our diet.     There are many articles, studies now being conducted, etc.  which have tied gluten not only to pervasive developmental disorders but mental illness as well.  I recently met a woman who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia.  She was also diagnosed with celiac disease.  She is a successful professional and she swears by a gluten free diet eliminating any signs of schizophrenia. 

You can run a search for schizophrenia and gluten and will find many articles which talk about the relationship between the two.    Here is one example:  A case study was done with a woman who had suffered from both auditory and visual hallucinations daily from the age of 7.  She was obese and had many other health related issues besides severe psychiatric sypmtoms.  She was put on a ” low- carbohydrate, ketogenic diet” ( This was at the age of 70 years old.  After being on the diet for less than a month with no change in her meds, she reported being more energic, and had no hallucinations.

You can read the entire case study here:

I know I started this blog to connect with other parents who have a child or children with PDD, ADHD, ADD or other similar disorders and this is a little off that topic but I beleive they are all related.  I would never have believed that something as simple as a change in diet would have the remarkable effects on my son as it did. 

I have not figured out how to add a disclaimer to my bar so I will add one to this post.  All information contained on this site represents opinion and is not medical fact, it is not intended to diagnose, treat or advise.


There is a diet out there that many are trying to help with symptoms of autism.  It is called a GFCF diet.  What this means is gluten-free/ casein free.  Gluten is a protein found in grains such as wheat, barley, etc.  Casein is a protein found in milk.   Some people are lactose intolerant, which means that they don’t have a specific enzyme known as lactase which the body uses to breakdown lactose.  Lactose is milk sugar and is completely different from casein so purchasing a lactose free product will not help you avoid casein.   Essentially the idea is that these proteins are affecting the way the brain works.  Many parents have said that just removing these proteins from their child’s diet has worked wonders for their kids.  I read one story which gave testimonial to a nonverbal autistic child who became verbal after being on this diet for a few months.  One of my favorite resources for information on gluten and newer studies is .  Peter Osborne, also known as the gluten-free warrior recently shared a link to this video which is very informative:   And just this morning I received an email from the gluten-free society with the following link. .

If you have a Facebook page and are interested in learning more about gluten allergy, intolerance, or sensitivity you could subscribe to Peter Osborne and receive updates almost daily of information.!/Dr.PeterOsborne  There is also a forum .  I have not been able to check out the forum although I did try.  The same day Peter posted the link, but I think a lot of others were trying to get in there too. lol! =)  If you have found any other resources which are helpful, please share them!  Every bit of info is helpful! 

Don’t give up, there is always hope!