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Mystery Leg Pain!

I mentioned in the Let’s Get Started! post about my son’s mysterious leg pain and I realized I never addressed it again to explain.  I have heard that this can be a common complaint for some children.  Well, it began when he was three.  One night he started yelling that his legs were burning.  Then this happened almost every night.  In the middle of the night, etc.  Well, then it started to happen at other times during the day.  It was always, ” My legs are burning.”  We tried massage, rubbing with a damp cloth, baths, you name it but it just continued.  It did seem to get a little better in the winter so we thought maybe it was temperature related.

  My poor little guy would hit his legs, scratch until he left marks.  We brought him to the ER, to the regular doctor and even the neurologist was baffled but thought perhaps he was having some restless leg syndrome issues.  Well, the risperdal that he was put on seemed to help the leg issue.  Well, the doc said it would do this.  Do you remember what I said was one of the main components of that medication?  Antihistamine. 

 When we had our daughter allergy tested with the skin tests, I asked the allergy specialist if she had ever heard of allergies causing a burning sensation in the legs.  She said that she actually had heard that complaint from children.  I would like to say that since his diet has been modified he has only had one instance where his legs burned and that was recently when we were evacuated from our house due to flooding.  We stayed with some relatives and Josh was given some milk in his cereal! 

Now, it is possible that if you have a child who has ever complained of leg pain in a manner similar to this. That is to say a burning sensation or itching, it is possible it could be allergies or not…Definitely talk with your physician.  I do want to share that while the things we tried initially were usually not effective we did find one thing that was and this was due to a wonderful woman who worked with Josh and suffered from shin splints from playing soccer.  She took a full size towel and wet it with cool water, then she wrapped the towel starting from the inside of one calf around the back of both calves to the front of the other one making sure both sides were tucked.  I am not sure why, but this technique gave our Josh INSTANT relief.  I could have cried!!!

I have heard that sometimes applying pressure for some children with autism or adhd, can help with feelings of anxiety or distress.  So perhaps this is the reason that the towel trick works so well.  I am not sure, but I hope if you have had a similar experience that this will work for you as well!

Love, Laugh, Play!  Enjoy Life!