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More on Gluten!

Once again the Gluten Free Warrior has taken me to a new level.  I wonder how many people are watching his videos or reading his blogs.  In this youtube video from the gluten-free society, Dr. Peter Osborne talks about gluten and it’s effects on children.  This video is extremely informative.  Dr. Osborne presents information on a chart of the different gluten proteins and how much is found in each type of grain.  How many of us putting our children on gluten-free diets,  purchase gluten-free breads that have sorghum, rice, corn, etc. in them?  These products are supposed to be gluten-free aren’t they?  It even says so right on the packaging, but if you watch the video you will see while they may be free of wheat and gliadin which is the protein usually associated with gluten, ALL these grains have a form of gluten protein in them!  Some have a small percentage of gluten protein, but as Dr. Osborne points out, even a small amount can be enough to cause a reaction in a person with gluten sensitivity.

Well, that is food for thought.  I guess that is why there is so much talk about going on a TRUE gluten-free diet.  You would have to use flours derived from sources like almonds, etc. to truly go gluten-free and keep breads and crusts, etc. in your diet.  Keep in mind that if anyone in your family has an aspirin sensitivity that almonds have natural salicylates in them and it is possible that your child could be reacting to those as well.  You can still have yummy foods like this dairy, soy and gluten-free cheesecake.  The only change I would make to that recipe would be use pure vanilla instead of the extract as vanilla extract can have synthetics in it. 

 All of this may seem overwhelming for those just starting out or even for some of us that are more seasoned.  I thought I knew most of what I need to know about gluten and gluten-free foods, but I am still learning everyday.  There is tons of information and many people are posting some great free recipes online!

Don’t give up hope!  You can do this!


More Hidden allergies plus some Great Books!

I was reading some books I had recently purchsed from Amazon and decided maybe I should look into getting a leather couch to help reduce some of the environmental allergens in my home! I started to look up some local furniture companies to check into prices and what did I find? One particular leather sectional had a soy-based batting in it! So, now, what would that mean for someone with a soy-allergy? I am just absolutely amazed at some of the things I would never have thought to look at for antigens that contain them.
While looking for Dr. Feingold’s book to research further into his diet, etc. I found two other books related to Allergies and behaviours. One is written by Dr. Doris Rapp, M.D. and is titled, ” Is This Your Child? Discovering and Treating Unrecognized Allergies in Children and Adults”. Of the things I love about this book are the many descriptions of children and their reactions to various allergens. The mysterious leg pain being related to a dairy allergy is confirmed in her book. Most of my answers I could possibly have found if I had seen this sooner. I think! This book is incredible and even includes pictures of some of the physical characteristics of a child who is experiencing an allergic reaction.

Gluten in Milk

When you are a breastfeeding Mother you are told to be careful what you ingest as the baby will also be receiving it too! Soo, with that being said, I guess it makes sense that a cow would pass along the nutrients, proteins, etc. that it has consumed as well.  I think we can all agree that manufacturers have gone out of their way to make their products more marketable with less expense to themselves.  A lot of times this means sacrificing true nutrition for the almighty buck! 

Peter Osborne conducted an interview with Dr. Ford on this subject which is very illuminating.  Dr. Oz touts about the effects of white foods on your diet.  Dr. Mark Hyman talks about the ill effects of diet soda which many think is a good alternative when they want to continue drinking soda!

When you think about all the foods we are being warned to stay away from, I think it is important to consider that the possible reason allergies, etc. are on the rise is due to overexposure of these ingredients.  Also, the unnatural chemicals and preservatives that are usually not found in NATURAL food to keep these foods from going bad on the shelf. 

Consider Ritz crackers.  I have long loved Ritz crackers with some peanut butter.  Yummy!  The listed ingredients on the package are: ” Unbleached Enriched Flour, Soybean Oil, Sugar, Partially Hydrogenated Cottonseed Oil, Salt, Leavening, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Soy Lecithin, Malted Barley Flour, Natural Flavor.”  Now the allergy contained says wheat and soy but most of us who are trying to avoid hidden allergens know that when you see that dreaded natural flavor, you need to check and see if that means there is dairy as well.  Basically Ritz crackers are filled with Gluten, soy, sugar, some more gluten, soy and sugar. 

Lets now look at a can of jellied cranberry Sauce:” Cranberries, High Fructose Corn Syrup, water, corn syrup, citric acid” 

Of course, both of those foods are processed and you can make your own cranberry sauce, but a majority of our nation doesn’t have the time.  Families where both Mom and Dad work, it’s not easy to prepare healthy meals which take more than an hour, and after working all day who wants to come home and peel potatoes?  I can’t even imagine the amount of time a single parent has allocated to everything else.   “Allergysafecuisine contains over 100 delicious, family-tested recipes, each one free of corn, dairy, egg, fish, gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, MSG, shellfish, soy and wheat.”  Check out their blog to make it a little easier to make good foods at home that are allergy friendly.

Deal on Gluten Free products. Limited Time!!

I subscribe to gluten free- saver and received this deal in my email.  I though that it would be a great deal to share for those who need to eat gluten free!

Dr. Mark Hyman and Diet

Dr. Hyman talks about the benefits of dietary change and how it could even eradicate TYpe II diabetes for most!  It doesn’t stop there.  Click the link above to read more!

Your Doctor and You


I would say I have a fairly good relationship with my doctor and the kids’ pediatrician. I know I have written before how frustrated I was and how my husband and I came up with the answers about the allergies ourselves, but I take into consideration that our doctors are human beings too. They see tons of people and sometimes it is possible for them to miss something which does not appear obvious. I also think that when you go to school and you learn things by the textbook, it can be difficult to take into consideration that while most diseases, conditions, etc. have specific symptoms that have been put into a book for doctors to be guided by, BUT, not EVERYONE has those exact symptoms. The best experience I have had, was we took Josh to see a pediatric endocrinologist since he had elevated T3 and T4 levels on blood work a few times. See, most thyroid conditions are determined by TSH (thyroid regulating hormone) being off either elevated or lowered. Josh’s TSH levels were right where they should be so, no thyroid condition was detected. I asked if it was possible, due to an overconsumption of foods he was allergic to(this is when we first found out about his allergies and it was right after Halloween, so you can imagine what he had consumed) could possibly cause his thyroid to react. She said, “Well, textbook, NO! But, in actuality, anything is possible!” AHA!!


This goes a little off the beaten track but seems to fit with my journey of discovery.  I had to take a Social Psychology class for my Nutrition program.  Have you ever felt that sometimes when you focus on something, everything in your universe begins to apply to the source of that focus?  It seems like somehow it got placed in your path so you would find it.  This class was one of the best I have ever taken and the professor, Dr. John Foldy, really intrigued his students.  He has done studies in how the mind (our thoughts) can actually influence objects, etc.  I don’t know how many of you out there have read any of Dan Brown’s books?!  In The Lost Symbol, Dan mentions a scientist working on a branch of study that will be groundbreaking and possibly change the world.  The scientist is in the image of Marilyn Schlitz, who happens to be the Director for the Institute of Noetic science.  Noetic Science focuses on consciousness.

I guess my point in all of this, is that since I decided to take an active stance in finding the solution rather than relying on my preconceived notions or what I was being told by my Doctors, I have continually had  information placed before me which fits into what I am trying to discover.  I have been drawn to others who are adequately prepared to give me the information I need to fill in the blanks.  Consider this, one of my best friends whom works in the medical field lost her job at a neurology practice due to downsizing.  She found another job almost immediately with an ophthalmologist office and then soon after received a call from an ENT and Allergy practice offering her more money and better benefits.  She opted to take that position.  Soon after she began there as a medical assistant who is responsible for scheduling appointments and I found references to Orthomolecular Medicine and the suggestion of brain allergies, etc.  After a second hospitalization for mental crises, we immediately got Josh an appointment with the practice she works for and discovered he does indeed have allergies which could be responsible for his symptoms.  By adopting this attitude I have started to focus on the solution rather than the problem. (My favorite author is Terry Goodkind, this is a reference to him)

Functional Medicine

In My Take on Nutrition-Based Therapy, I mention how it seems that Doctors would prefer to prescribe medication rather than find the source of the symptoms.  Well, after posting that I found information about Functional Medicine and Doctors who share my belief.  Holy Cow!  There is that entanglement thing again.  Another blogger posted about Dr. Mark Hyman who is a functional doctor working out of Massachusetts and then Peter Osborne, The Gluten Free Warrior, posted about Dr. Russell Jaffe this morning.  Essentially Dr. Jaffe is talking about how allergies affect our bodies and how conventional testing can miss certain allergies due to the immune system having a lag in responding to certain allergens.  Essentially it could take up to two weeks for your immune system to respond to certain allergens. 

His ideology: “We are and we become what we eat, drink, think and do.”